Because your sexual orientation may not be a choice but your behaviour always is

Find support and help to manage your unwanted gay or non-cisgender behaviour.

Our Approach

If you are struggling with unwanted gay attractions or behaviour, you are not alone. We’ve been there. We are there. For many reasons, we’ve chosen not to act on these attractions. We understand that there is immense pressure by some to insist that we must act on these attractions and then identify with a sexual label or identity. But as those who’ve walked this path, we realized our identity is much more than who we are attracted to or what gender we see ourselves. We may not choose who we are attracted to but we can always choose our identity. We want to help you if you choose an identity beyond your sexuality or gender. Contact us and get peer support to help you reduce any behaviour you don’t want to engage in. We can offer religious as well as non-religious support. At the end of the day, you have a right to choose your behaviour and who you talk to about that behaviour.

How it Works: Peer-to-peer counseling

Because of covid restrictions, we will only be offering on-line support for now. When you contact us, you will receive an on-line survey and partake in an initial Zoom call to assess who would be best for you to talk to. We have a variety of volunteers who have gone through their own experience with same-sex attraction, gender identity questions and other non-heterosexual attractions or behaviour. We do not claim to have any professional counseling experience other than our own personal experience managing our own gay or non-cisgender identities. After the initial meeting, you will be connected with an on-line supporter. This peer will be someone with a similar background as you or someone who has walked through a similar experience as you. This peer-to-peer conversation will last for about an hour. You will be able to continue this practice or service as long as you and your peer agree.


Meetings will be confidential, though we will exercise the right to report anything we suspect could pose an immediate danger to you or others. We expect that our conversations will also not be recorded or publicized as our volunteers may share confidential personal experiences as well. Failure to comply with this confidentiality clause may lead to the termination of the peer-to-peer meetings.


Our meetings will always be conducted with respect and support. We may not be professional counselors, but we have many years of experience personally dealing with the issues you’re dealing with. We also have journeyed with other Canadians who have the same hope as you to manage their unwanted attractions or behaviour.

Measuring Success

Our team strongly believes that success means you are able to manage or control any unwanted behaviour or attractions you may have. We do not guarantee that your nonheterosexual attractions may change, especially immediately. Rather, our goal is to help you manage your behaviour and attractions the way you want them managed. Without any coercion, we want to provide you with advice, treatments and support so you don’t have to engage in behaviour you don’t want to engage in.

Regularity of Meetings

You can negotiate the regularity and timing of your meetings, though a weekly, one-hour meeting is the norm.

Spiritual Support

Most of our volunteers will come from a Christian background. We are glad to offer Christian support for those who want to get this kind of spiritual support. We can also offer secular support if that is what you prefer.

Termination of the Peer Support

You or your peer, can ask to stop meeting at any time. Our team is instructed to let you know when they no longer feel the meetings are productive for you before they cease meeting with you.


Your initial consultation is free. However, we do ask for a donation to help us cover our expenses, especially if you require many meetings.

“We want to help people reduce their unwanted gay behaviour and attractions. This kind of support is available to heterosexual Canadians and should also be available to non-heterosexual Canadians who freely choose this for themselves, just like I did.”

Jojo Ruba